How does it work?

Using the platform is nothing complicated, as it is based on intuitive processes occurring in a friendly interface, that is easy to use for anyone, regardless of their activity field.


There is no need to install anything, as the platform can be accessed via any internet browser (internet Explorer, Mozzila Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera), and in the video on the right, you can see a brief animated presentation that takes you through each step of the learning and testing process, thus explaining the principles on which the Knowledge Board is functioning.


If you are interested in a trial period, please write us and we can offer up to a month of free usage of the KB so that you can get a real taste before actually purchasing a license for your company.

What is The Knowledge Board?

Knowledge Board, or the KB, as we like to call it, is an e-learning LCMS platform that proves its value via its two important modules dealing with actual testing and a collection of statistics instruments.


The educational materials can be uploaded within the platform, continuing with monitoring the learning process, processing the data obtained after the testing sessions and finally obtaining the final results as reports, so that the decisions to follow can be thoroughly taken, based on relevant data.




If you have read all about the KB and you are interested in the available licence types and the pricing, please contact us at sales@theknowledgeboard.com, telling us the details of your enquiry, so that we can make up an offer.

Centralize all the training materials online, inside the platform, offering the users a structured learning experience, available for access at any given time. Regardless of the number of users involved, they can be segmented into groups, for which the information is available correspondingly, at the appropiate time.


Even if we are dealing with testing only one person or a whole group, the testing sessions can be programmed, they can appear as single/multiple choice or open question tests, leading to a very real and impartial experience for every user.

The Knowledge Board has a module entirely dedicated to the statistics - data analysis can be extracted at any given moment under the form of various report types, offering a clear view over the time spent on learning the training materials, detailed test results for a user or for a whole group, or the most difficult questions, based on the users’ responses.




After purchasing a user license for your company, we can personalize the basic design of the platform’s interfaces (both the user and the administration interfaces), so that they will take after your company’s image.  Each company can choose one or more administrators, who will receive rights on working with the user databases, thus being able to add/remove users and offer them access inside the platform.

Create the training sessions by uploading educational materials. Each company can upload pretty much any type of educational material under the form of PDF, DOC, PPT, EXCEL, interactive flash presentations, audio/video files, or links towards materials which are stored in various other locations. During the learning process, the administrator(s) can see the progress of each user, by checking when they have accessed the materials and the time they spend on reading/ watching/ listening to them.

The testing process occurs in respect to the coordinates introduced in the test organization module, as the client company has full control over it. We have taken precautions for diminishing the possible fraud attempts and at the end of the testing sessions, the administrator(s) can analyse the obtained data, in order to draw conclusions regarding the user activity and results, so that important company decisions could be taken in respect to these.

Benefits - Why would you use the Knowledge Board?



Easy to use

The users can be split in as many groups as the client company needs, so that the educational materials can be made available to each group in respect to the group’s activity field within the company.

Any type of electronic format educational material can be uploaded - PDF, PPT, interactive Flash presentations,  animations, various types of documents, audio or video files.

There’s almost no training involved for both users and administrators and it doesn’t require any assistance from an IT expert in the company.

Consistent and efficient


Analysis power

Secured access, based on the company email or a given user name. With each sign-in, the users will receive an automatically generated password, which is valid for that session only.

The learning process is CONTINUOUS and the testing sessions can be programmed at ANY given time, not only after the traditional training session. This is why the Knowledge Board is a tool thought to aid companies in their constant need to train and educate their employees and thus keep a steady and competitive pace with the dynamic nature caused by the changes on the various markets, or of the other rival companies.

The analysis and reporting instruments found in the statistics module, offer a realistic vision on the educational process, by thoroughly analysing the results during and after the testing session.

Welcome to the support centre!

Case studies

Learning more about the Knowledge Board

All the necessary materials for a complete experience in respect to using the KB, can be found on this page and we invite you to take a look if you want to find out more about it.

The PDF presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the links below (in both Romanian and English) and we have also prepared an interactive PPT file, offering answers for the most frequently asked questions about using the KB. After the download, hit the F5 button and start browsing the document by simply clicking on the subjects which are interesting to you.

If you still happen to have a related question whose answer cannot be found on the website or within the support materials, please do contact us here.

Join us and take some time to watch this video, for a real case study in which a pharmaceutical company having a big number of medical reps scattered all around the country, had to train and test the employees by using the KB. You will surely understand a lot more about the platform by seeing it in action and hearing opinions from companies already using it.

Available soon!

Video tutorials

If you want to find out more about the detailed processes involved in working with each of the platform’s modules, we are offering free access to watch the video tutorials for each module. You can start watching the videos as soon as you fill in your name, surname and email address in the fields below.


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